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Labor Law Cases

New York State’s Labor Law is one of the most dynamic areas of casualty defense.  Our attorneys have spent years studying the various provisions of the Labor Law, including Section 200; Section 240(1), which is a strict liability statute; and Section 241(6), which imposes a non-delegable duty upon landowners, contractors and others under certain circumstances.  Particularly in this field of law, it is critical to keep abreast of steady stream of decisions from the Court of Appeals and the various Appellate Courts.   A thorough understanding of contracts is essential in this filed of law due to the crucial importance indemnification and insurance procurement issues play in many cases. 

A thorough understanding of the applicable provisions of the Worker’s Compensation Law is also important since invariably, issues arise pertaining to whether the plaintiff sustained a ‘grave injury”  within the meaning of this statute.

Our attorneys have litigated hundreds of Labor Law cases ranging from a garden variety slip and fall type of case to multi-million dollar exposure scaffold cases and everything in between.  Our attorneys are well respected practitioners in this field and have even lectured to various groups on different aspects of the Labor Law.